Tantra is much more than glorified sex. Sexual Energy becomes a powerful tool for awakening True Self. You can live in Bliss by just removing the obstructions. When the mind is still and the body flowing with primal energy, something remarkable happens-an alchemical merging of Spirit and Matter. You embody God and realize the Presence of the Divine in all aspects of life.

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Sacred Tantric Healing Lingam Massage

(Lingam is sanskrit for penis)

We hold and store negativity, pain, trauma and experiences in the cells of our bodies. The Sacred Tantric Lingam Healing Massage is a tool that has been used for thousands of years to assist us in going beyond sexual gratification into a state of deep connection with our bodies and our sexuality. The Sacred Tantric Lingam Healing Massage is a full body massage that includes the lingam so to gently encourage you to let go of any traumas, emotions, beliefs and pain that may hinder personal, emotional, relationship, spiritual and sexual growth.

Lingam is the Sanskrit word for the penis. It literally means "Wand of Light". Sacred Tantric Lingam Healing Massage is the ritual of honoring and healing this part of the body & moving the energy through your energy centres, opening up the chakras & spreading the powerful sexual healing energy throughout your body. Touching the penis not from a place of arousal and orgasm, but from a joy and wonder of this beautiful part of the body.

From this perspective both receiver and giver relax into the massage. We need to learn to relax and receive. Traditional sexual conditioning has us in a doing and goal oriented mode. The Sacred Tantric Lingam Healing Massage allows you to experience your softer, more receptive side and experience healing and pleasure from a non-traditional perspective.

The Sacred Tantric Lingam Healing Massage is not performed as a sexual service or hand reliefYour genitals are treated with respect. This a practice of simply seeing what it is like to feel touch without any expectations on where it will go and working together to allow the energy to move through you, unblocking any energy centres.

Orgasm is not the goal of the Sacred Healing Tantric Lingam Massage. The goal is to massage the lingam, also including testicles and perineum (there is no prostate massage in this session), allowing you to surrender to a form of pleasure you may not be accustomed to and allow your energy to move through & heal the body.

Being touched around the genitals without climaxing may be a new experience for you and sometimes when you do a new thing, it feels a little unusual. Being aroused without goal may even bring up various feelings that will be handled sensitively.

All you need to do is open up and expand with your breath and allow yourself to be guided towards bliss. Take the energy from your sex and continue to take it into your life. Leave with your batteries fully charged rather than on running on empty.

Benefits of the Sacred Healing Tantric Lingam Massage:

1.    Healing from pain, trauma
2.    Can help heal impotency and erectile dysfunction
3.    New physical and sexual experiences possible
4.    Sensory awakening
5.    Relaxation 
6.    Emotional release

Overview of the Sacred Healing Tantric Lingam Massage:

1.    Chat about concerns, fears
2.    Ritual washing of the feet, moving into a space of Sacredness
3.    Cleansing with smudge, followed by deep breathing & meditation
4.    Awakening all the pleasure cells in the whole body through various massage and touch techniques
5.    When you are ready and feeling safe, the lingam will be massaged to release stress, emotions and other blockages
6.    Finish the massage by making an energy pathway from lingam to heart chakra to stabilize the healing work of the session


Sacred Tantric Healing Lingam (Penis) Massage - 1 hours: .......... 180


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